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Chris Battle Sr.
Based in Mansfield, Texas, USA

 BRUH_THE_NATURE is my effort to promote a healthy lifestyle of plant-based, whole food eating.  I also want to encourage and teach others to grow their own food, respect nature, and improve or eliminate health issues from a holistic approach.   

  People's passions are usually fueled by some type of personal event. I am no different.  Bruh_the_Nature grew from health issues with my wife and oldest son.  After battling Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and several other related conditions for over 15 years, we realized that my wife's pills had increased to 20 per day but her conditions were not improving.  In 2015, after a severe bout left her depleted and off of her medication for several weeks, we knew we had to make some holistic changes. 

  We began to look at the amounts and types of foods we were eating.  We found that meats and processed foods were linked to cancer and a host of other health issues. We also learned the power of a plant-based, whole foods diet.  We cut out meats, stopped eating out, and began the family journey to better health.  My wife does not take a single pill.  She is not cured, but feels better than she has in years.  I have lost 30lbs. and maintained it for almost a year.  My oldest son has addressed his issues with an herbal and holistic approach and feels better overall.  My youngest (who never ate much meat or dairy) is a vegan athlete who continues to grow and excel. 

  I am using my families story as a testament to the benefits of changing the types of food you eat. Once we began to investigate the meat and dairy industry and research plant protein, it was an easy choice to go VEGAN. 


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